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NE Tracks hold Reference Group Meetings in each of the three Local Government areas of our coverage. 

The aim of these meetings is to bring together a wide range of parties all with something to contribute to the LLEN aim of helping our young people pathway through school to further study or skilled employment.

The goal of Reference Groups is to foster community collaboration in assisting young people to reach their full potential.

  • Share new and emerging ideas;

  • Share knowledge / research publications;

  • Build trust between partners;

  • Influence the system as a group;

  • Link partners;

  • Improve outcomes and aspirations for young people;

  • Facilitate the coming together of interested parties, sharing a common goal;

  • Likely representatives can be: Local Government, Employment Providers, organisers, Employers, TAFE Colleges, Secondary Schools, Government Departments, Community organisations.


Meetings are usually held 5 times a year in each of our three locations as listed below. If you would like to be included, please email our Co-ordinators.


Venue: When available: Board Room, The Personal Group, 85 Nunn Street

Co-ordinator: Danny O’Donoghue

Contact email: or


Venue: When available, MACE Community Centre Mansfield:

Co-ordinator: Danny O’Donoghue

Contact Email:


Venue: When available, Wangaratta Digital Hub - TBC

Co-ordinator: Anne Shaw

Contact Email:

2020 Dates for each group will be posted at the beginning of the year. Check out the events page for more information on dates. 


Reference Groups are currently suspended.

Please stay tuned to updates. 


Shaking Hands

Anyone is welcome to join us and contribute to the conversation!

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