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Overwhelming evidence and experience shows young people can enhance both their learning outcomes and their opportunities for achieving employment at the end of their education if they have participated in a quality work experience placement whilst still at school.

The Structured Workplace Learning Program’s purpose is to provide schools and students with advice and resources to achieve work experience through the Co-coordinator’s efforts in matching young people to the opportunities that local employers provide.

Quality work experience such as School based Apprenticeships, ensure that the participating student undertakes a vocational education qualification that can count towards a VCE/VCAL score.

The Objectives of the Structures Workplace Learning (SWL) Program are to:

  • Increase the numbers of young people undertaking SWL and School Based Apprenticeships/Training (SBAT) work placement in relevant places of employment, with emphasis on industries that provide strong vocational outcomes

  • Increase the alignment between vocational education and training (VET) provision and local industry needs


The Program will contribute to:

  • Improving opportunities for all young people to undertake workplace learning placements

  • Improving the quality of VCAL and VETiS programs through increased opportunities for young people to undertake SWL and be assessed in work-based contexts

  • Developing a ‘bank’ of ongoing workplace learning placements

  • Improving the match between VET provision and effective student learning pathways

  • Promoting workplace learning to industry by improving industry understanding of the benefits to them



NE Tracks LLEN’s Structured Workplace Co-ordinator can be contacted by school staff, parents, students and employers to register an interest in quality work experience.

Structured Workplace Learning


Co-ordinator: Tim Oliver


Web: or              

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